Forget Brexit, Corbyn and grammar schools. Why aren't we talking about hunger?

The Big Debate

Jon Holmes wonders whether it's worth being hungry

Friday, September 9, 2016

Jon Holmes likes to invite guests on his show, especially for a good ol' chinwig. Although we now that, with Jon, it sometimes spills over into argument, and, occasionally, violence.

Thankfully it didn't get nasty today, but there was plenty of grade A chat flying around in the big debate.

Jon heard that Theresa May is planning to open more grammar schools, but wonders if there is a 'hunger' for it.

Naturally, this led on to an even bigger question: is hunger necessary?

Stevie from Rochdale said he was in favour of being peckish, but not in favour of starvation, which seems a reasonable line to draw. He thought it was much better to be hungry when in a restaurant. 

Colin, on the other hand, said he's sick and tired of overweight people, and without them being hungry, everyone might all be a healthy size. 

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