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An HSBC boss been arrested and charged with fraud
Nick Leeson - 1995
​Jerome Kerviel - 2008
Toshihide Iguchi – 1995. Pictured is then Daiwa Bank president Akira Fujita
Kweku Adoboli – 2011
Bernie Madoff – 2009

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Thursday, July 21, 2016

HSBC's global head of foreign exchange trading Mark Johnson was arrested and charged with fraud on Tuesday

The US Department of Justice has accused him of 'front-running', where brokers benefit illegally from a client's trade. 

The amount of money reportedly involved was more than $3 billion (£2.3bn) – with an alleged profit for Johnson and his fellow-accused, Stuart Scott, of around $3m (£2.3m) – surely the kind of sum that would be instantly noticed, right? 

Wrong. Sadly, some financial institutions have a murky past as far as misplacing enormous sums of cash goes. 

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