'The fuel tanks are filled with clothes' - The real reason behind the British Airways disruption

Fuel tanks filled with clothes - Find out more about the British Airways disruption

Jon Holmes discovered more about why British Airways flights were disrupted

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

If Jon Holmes were a dog, he'd be a newshound. And his favourite food wouldn't be Pedigree Chum or left-over turkey. It'd be news. 

Yep, our afternoon anchor really, really loves news. So today he sent reporter Cornelius down to Heathrow airport, after a technology fault which affected check-in desks at British Airways caused flights to be delayed.

Cornelius found planes which were refusing to take-off, even when pilots instruct them to. He also discovered, to his horror, that the luggage is full of jet fuel and the items from the suitcases are in the planes' fuel tanks.

On the plus side, he did find decent meals were being served on flights, which is apparently unusual. 

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