'I taught you to walk!' - Bob Mills gets a technical lingo lowdown

Bob Mills learns some technical lingo!

How much do you know about technology?

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Presenter Bob Mills has been learning technological terms in today's show.

He's heard that older people are becoming confused by the way young people are talking because they don't understand new technology. 

Bob was joined by HuffPostUK technology editor Thomas Tamblyn to help explain why.

"When you grow up in an environment where your life is potentially a lot more transparent to the world, you become adjusted," he said.

"A generation that hasn't grown up with this openness if understandably sceptical."

Producer Cornelius then tried a technical lingo quiz and asked Bob to explain the meaning of words like hyperlink, pop-up, double geeking, cookies and the surprise etymology of 'wiki'. 

Listen to the full audio to find out more and gauge Bob's bewildered reaction