'I used to smell the Queen Mother', Jon Holmes takes a closer look at pomp

'I used to smell the Queen mother', Jon Holmes takes a closer look at pomp

Pomp! What is it good for?

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Jon Holmes is keeping on top of the latest sports news.

He discovered tennis player John McEnroe has said Andy Murray is in his "sun-filled pomp" and deserves to go all the way at Wimbledon this year.

Pomp, what a wonderful word it is. Or is it?

Miriam wants no more pomp.

"You need pomp and circumstance. No, they're not a double act, and even if they were, you'd know one partner would be the successful one, which would be circumstance, and the other would be Ant McPartlin."

But Australian Ian believes Britain has a wonderful amount of pomp.

"I always think it's amusing when people like Miriam, indigenous people, don't seem to like the very thing that's made our country wonderful," he explained. "I used to come down many years ago and smell the Queen Mother."

Once again the debate descended into some singing. Listen to the full pomp filled debate and decide which side you're on.