'I want you to come and see my star fish' - The Big Debate

'I want you to come and see my star fish' - The Big Debate

Jon Holmes wants to know if stars are necessary

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Grammar schools. Some people hate them, the vast majority look on them with terror and revulsion.

But whatever your view, they're firmly on the agenda. And that means they're in Jon Holmes' sights.

Grammar schools may be brought back by the government as the debate over the schools continues, but with many other things being brought back from history such as Great Walls, Jon wonders, what have we started?

While we're asking pointless questions, what about stars - should we keep them? Roger thinks they're terribly hot and a safety hazard, so we're better off without them.

On the other hand Brian loves stars and thinks as they were here before us, they deserve to stay. And space stuff is cool, as talkRADIO's new gallery on Ceres and Ahuna Mons shows.

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