The Independent Republic of Mike Graham: April 12

The Independent Republic of Mike Graham: April 12

Mike returns from the US with many a story to tell

Friday, April 13, 2018

On today's podcast: Return of the Mike 

Mike survived his trip to America, where he missed the show so much he found himself arguing with strangers and he has a few tales to tell.

Today he is joined by Daisy McAndrew and we're joined by restaurant critic William Sitwell after it has been revealed that we don't eat out so much as we've all become critics, and many chain restaurants seem to be closing as a result.

A floral tribute to the burgler who died as the result of 'reasonable force' has been growing outside the house of the incident, and caller Robert has an opinion on how this should be dealt with. 

And finally.. 'no humans allowed: We're joined by the founder of Petzbe, a social media app for pets only. 

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