The Independent Republic of Mike Graham: April 17

The Independent Republic of Mike Graham: April 17

Mike Graham returns with his latest podcast

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

On today's pod:

Mike is joined by Daisy McAndrew. After yesterday it was reported that the NHS may start to roll out personal allowances for patients, Peter calls in to tell us why he thinks its a good idea.

After more cyber attacks from Russia, Canada has also had to evacuate its diplomats from Cuba after a bizarre turn of events, and Nigel Evans, European Editor of the World Intelligence Review and intelligence historian, knows a thing or two about this and joins them on air to explore this.

We're also joined by Ian Dunt to discuss the Home Office U-turn on windrush generation. 

And finally, as the country is slowly struggling to cope with the excitement over the approaching Royal Wedding, friend of the show Grant Harold aka The Royal Butler reviews the branded souvenirs and also places his predictions for the future of the royal family re: their American connection...

Listen above.