The Independent Republic of Mike Graham: April 19

The Independent Republic of Mike Graham: April 19

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Thursday, April 19, 2018

On today's podcast:

We talked about payday loans as it has been revealed that NHS workers and gig economy workers are the top of the list for taking out high interest loans.

Pippa, a midwife on the NHS draws on her own experiences to offer up why people have to resort to this, then Craig calls in- he thinks that actually, people should stop living beyond their means...

Then, as the government has weighed in on plastics again, Mike has a disagreement with Julian from Friends of the Earth. 

As Morrissey has another outburst, Danny Kelly reflects on his time spent as editor of the NME and the 'quirks' of many musicians. 

And finally, we celebrate the heatwave with some pink wines, with show friend Helena Nicklin - AKA The Wine Bird - in the studio. 

Listen above.