The Independent Republic of Mike Graham: April 24

The Independent Republic of Mike Graham: April 24

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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

On today's pod:

Mike is joined by Daisy today, and they begin by asking: if we are going to exit the customs union- could it make us more like Switzerland - and surely that's a good thing?

Daniel Hannan, who wrote about it today, joins us to make his case to go down the Swiss route. A number of divorced couples have discovered their divorces are actually invalid as they have unknowingly breached the law - Mike thinks some of them should have tried to stick it out anyway, but we get lawyer John Oxley to go over the various oversights here. a chap caught angrily swearing at speed cameras was found to have installed an illegal 'speed jammer' in his car and has been imprisoned, this inspires a conversation on the perils of driving. Caller Craig thinks speeding laws are outdated. Daisy and Mike have some rather more amusing anecdotes to share.