The Independent Republic of Mike Graham, March 1: Downing Street, Donald Trump and St David's Day

Mike Graham got all the goss out of KP

Mike Graham got all the goss out of KP

Thursday, March 1, 2018

On today's podcast: 

Katie's nursing a sore head, as it's the morning after the Downing Street Correspondent's Dinner. Naturally KP was happy to fill us in on the gossip. 

With the snow causing neverending chaos, we chat to Neil Greig of charity IAM RoadSmart on how to tackle the roads in these conditions - but only if you really have to drive somewhere.

As it is St David's Day, Nicola Parry of the London Welsh Centre tells us how they will be celebrating Welsh style, and we talk about a school in London which has decided to give its students feedback, rather than grades.

Finally Trump aide Hope Hicks has resigned, continuing the unusually high turnover in the White House. What happened there, then? Take a listen to find out.