The Independent Republic of Mike Graham, March 7: Brewdog, Mother's Day and flying cars

Has Brewdog's 'Pink IPA' ploy backfired? MG and KP investigate

On today's show we had the seminal question: why buy a flying car when you can buy a plane?

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

On today's podcast:

With International Womens Day approaching, we get 'Pink IPA' - has Brewdog's attempt at trying to highlight cynical marketing attempts at women actually backfired? We get the thoughts of Katie Deighton from The Drum, and Sara Barton, of Brewster brewing and Project Venus.. 

Then Ryan calls in - he thinks Mother's Day should be banned. With reports that Alexa is laughing at us, should we be afraid? Craig calls in to talk about religion but then loses his way a bit. 

And finally: a flying car was unveiled at the Geneva car show and Mike Rutherford saw it. But why wouldn't you just buy a plane if you had the money? 

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