The Independent Republic of Mike Graham: May 3

The Independent Republic of Mike Graham: May 3

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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Mike Graham's latest podcast is live.

Today, among other things, we talk about broadband, after Talk Talk has been revealed as the worst for customer service. Jacques calls in to share his gripes.

 Is your life being ruled by your husband's hormones? Dr Channa Jayasena explains this revelation, and Mike thinks maybe that explains his behaviour. 

The kids are becoming more and more obsessed with Fortnite, inviting the usual scaremongering from the Culture secretary and the like- but Mike and Daisy, who both have children that are fans of the game, invite Keith Stuart on to understand why its such a phenomenon and how actually, its really not such a bad thing for the kids at all. Caller Martin from Bristol quite likes to play it too. 

Listen above.