Jon Holmes tackles baby booze by asking his own kids about their drinking habits

Jon Holmes invited his daughters on air to discuss children drinking alcohol

A survey has revealed half of UK parents give their children alcohol

Friday, August 19, 2016

Jon Holmes is keeping on top of the latest news, as he always (well, sometimes) does. Today he wanted to discuss a survey by Churchill Home Insurance, which revealed half of UK parents allow their children to drink alcohol at home.

So he invited his daughters on air to discuss the issue.

Maisie, aged six, said she drinks apple juice, but she also claimed Jon gave her beer as a baby, however it was so long ago she couldn't remember if she liked it (maybe the alcohol made her memory a little hazy).

His other daughter Isla, aged 4, also joined him on the show, saying that Jon had never given her any beer. At nursery, her Mum gives her a drink to take with her.

Listen to the full audio to hear their discussion