K-pop stars could be turned into military weapons against North Korea

K-pop could be set to invade North Korea

The South Korean army is considering the idea of broadcasting K-pop

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The South Korean army is said to be considering installing an electronic display of K-pop girl bands along the border with North Korea, as part of a psychological warfare offensive.

Local media reports that Southern officials want to use K-pop - an abbreviation which refers to South Korea's home-produced music industry - to project an image of optimism and happiness to the people of the North. Or simply annoy them into submission.

According to The Korea Times, the South Korean army is planning to install the electronic display alongside the existing speakers which blare news and propaganda broadcasts into the North. 

The electronic display was last tried in 2004. Back then the display was fixed, but South Korean officials now want to introduce mobile screens with visibility of 15km - so no-one in the border region is safe.

The plans are reportedly part of a package of sanctions and counter-measures being prepared against the North, following Pyongyang's decision to launch a fifth nuclear test, going against UN resolutions.