North Korea's answer to Saturday Night Live mocks Barack Obama and South Korea [video]

North Korean TV broadcasts comedy mocking Barack Obama and South Korea

The programme has been running for many years

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

It turns out that there is some laughter to be found in North Korea - in fact the Hermit Kingdom has its own satirical sketch show.

As one might expect, the show spends a lot of its time ripping on Barack Obama - after all its American equivalent, Saturday Night Live, reciprocates on a regular basis.

Equally predictably, the show makes regular reference to South Korea, according to NK news

The latest episode of the show, which airs on state-run Korea Central Television, portrays Obama as an idiot and claims those who live in South Korea are oppressed and purged by the government. Apparently that sort of stuff's funny in North Korea.

The show is around 80 minutes in length and its title can be roughly translated as The stage of optimism that Songun presented – Volume 11.

Volume nine was broadcast in 2012, and four years later volume 10 was aired in August. None of the new programmes have explained why they stopped broadcasting for that period.

NK News believes this is the first time North Korea have explicitly used U.S. and South Korea-related satire comedy.

If you speak Korean, or simply want to see what kind of material gets gags in the Hermit Kingdom, here's a clip of the latest show.