Scorpions, spiders and snake-like lizards: 5 unexpected snacks

What's this fly doing in the custard? Hiding from the most venomous spider in the world…
Beanz meanz… mice
Anyone for a parmesan and Rocky salad?
Fruit delivery has a sting in the tail
Puff baddie

A family from South London got the world's worst gift after finding a Brazilian wandering spider in a bunch of bananas from Waitrose. The spider is regarded as the most venomous in the world, and makes a habit of building webs among clumps of the popular yellow fruit. Plus, it's huge, with a leg span of upto five inches (that’s 12.7cm, if you like your terror metric-shaped) *shudder*

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Afternoon show presenter Bob Mills discussed on air yesterday the story of a woman who was sick after something in the fast food she ate did not agree with her.

Not in itself an unusual occurrence, particularly after a well-refreshed late-night kebab, but it got us thinking about some of the more, ahem, unusual ingredients people have picked out of their dinner. 

Check out our gallery above to see five stomach-churning snacks that probably won't be going on the menu any time soon