SodaStream, beer and Noel Edmonds: it's the Work Experience Tech Review

SodaStream, beer and Noel Edmonds, it's the Work Experience Tech Review

SodaStream: now with added beer

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Jon Holmes likes to unearth the up-and-coming reviewers before anyone else, so he asked work experience Andrew to bring us up to speed on all things technology.

First up, Andrew told us there is a new SodaStream system that makes beer. It's only available in Germany and Switzerland at the moment, but with the Brits' love of booze it surely can't be long before it finds its way across the Channel. 

The discussion then turned to Noel Edmonds, who this week claimed that the EMPpad machine can help tackle cancer. 

Jon Holmes and the team weren't quite as convinced as the Deal Or No Deal presenter, so they decided to re-enact a situation they imagine might occur with the box…

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