talkRADIO's BBQ weekend playlist: 12 tunes to make your sausage sizzle swing

Smokin': Hardeep Singh Kohli gets the barbie underway. But what sizzling tunes should accompany the cooking?
Steak Me To Church
Fryin' for no Reason
She Cooks So Fine
Crazy Sizzling Love
Best Steak Smile
I See Fire
Love On Chop
We Found Liver In A Hopeless Place
What Do You Meat?
Just Give Me A Season(ing)
Bacon Plans For Nigel
What Steaks You Beautiful

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Friday, July 22, 2016

The weekend is (almost) here, and the sensational summer weather is sure to inspire some sizzling barbecue action around the country on Saturday and Sunday. 

Afternoon show presenter Hardeep Singh Kohli warmed us up with a barbecue live on air on Thursday, but as Brits prepare to grab the tongs and pop on their aprons, what should be the sountrack to the charred chicken and burned sausages? 

Listeners have tweeted some top BBQ tune suggestions to @talkRADIO (see below) and that got us thinking of the best meat-based music to make the barbie go with a swing.

Scroll through the list above to see our top 10, and feel free to tweet us with your own suggestions!