'They should build the Great Wall of Calais using bears'

Bears, school projects and disguises - New suggestions for the Great Wall of Calais

Jon thought the wall could be made of bears

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Jon Holmes is always up for a bit of a laugh. Apart from when news is involved.

When news is involved, Jon changes, from a joshing jester into the sharpest sleuth in the business. 

When he heard that the UK is planning on building a wall in Calais in an attempt to keep migrants out of Britain, Jon's news receptors twitched into action, and he invited Nelly, who has been to the Build a Bear workshop, onto his show to explain more.

She thinks a nice "touchy, feely" wall would be quite nice, and the wall could even be made of bears (which would certainly make climbing it very dangerous). The bear wall could even be a school project, she revealed.

However Jon pointed out a crucial flaw which the planners might not have thought of: what if migrants climb inside the bears as disguises?

Listen to the full interview to find out more