Will the moon drive us all crazy tonight? Jon Holmes investigates

Will the moon drive us all crazy tonight? Jon Holmes speaks to the expert

Our expert suggests the moon doesn't really affect behaviour that much

Monday, June 20, 2016

Jon Holmes today investigated the possibility that this evening's full moon could drive us all insane.

This follows astrologer Timothy Halloran posting a video on YouTube, claiming that the full moon this evening will trigger "total insanity and hallucinations".

He said the moon, which falls on the summer solstice, would result in the "ripping away of veils, the taking down of illusions, of distractions". 

Halloran insisted: "this is a time where people go off the deep end, people lose control, people do go on shooting sprees, people do have to run into total insanity". 

But Robert Massey, who is the Deputy Executive Director of The Royal Astronomical Society, rubbished these claims. 

"It's one of the biggest pieces of nonsense I've ever heard," he told Jon. "It's nothing to take seriously.

"I saw a bit of the video and thought 'wow'. The moon controls the tides of the earth and has very little bearing on our lives. 

"It certainly doesn't do any of the things this man is suggesting."

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