'You could use eyeballs as golf balls' - Jon Holmes investigates cuts to the NHS

Jon Holmes investigates cuts to the NHS

The NHS must make cuts to save money

Friday, August 26, 2016

Jon Holmes has been busy investigating the biggest stories of the day.

NHS England must save £22billion by 2021, and to do so they have proposed ward closures, changes to A&E and GP care, and cuts in bed numbers, according to the BBC.

So Jon spoke to reporter Cornelius who, as it happened, was  lying on a trolley in hospital.

He revealed cost cutting had already begun, as he could see bins had been removed, leaving piles of rubbish.

To help the situation Jon suggested that, as humans and animals are similar, vets could perhaps help doctors out, and golf courses could be replaced with hospitals, as you find doctors there anyway... apparently!

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