'The EU is trying to make Brexit as painless as possible', says Vince Cable

'The EU is trying to make Brexit as painless as possible', says Vince Cable

Vince Cable believes the public should vote on the final Brexit deal

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Vince Cable has claimed the EU is trying to make Brexit as "painless as possible" and it's nonsense that the union is trying to punish Britain.

The EU and UK have agreed on the Brexit transition period, which will run from March 29 2019 to December 31 2020. The UK will be able to conduct trade deals and EU citizens moving to the UK and vice versa in this period will get the same rights as those who did so before Brexit.

The Liberal Democrats leader told Mike Graham: "All these people have been going round saying the European Union are out to do us down and hurt Britain and punish Britain.

"This is complete nonsense because it's very clear that the European Union are negotiating constructively and they’re trying to make things as painless as possible.

"It’s always been my impression that this propaganda that’s built up in some of the extreme Brexit circles about the European Union trying to do us down was always wrong and I think what this demonstrates today is exactly that."

However he thinks "absolutely no progress has been made whatsoever in resolving the Irish border issue."

If "Parliament were to vote to keep Britain within the customs union arrangement" then "that would remove many of the obstacles to getting an agreement with Ireland."

He added: "I think when we know what Brexit involves, at the moment we don’t, then the British public should sign off on it [with a vote]."

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