'If you protest against Donald Trump but not the Saudi Crown Prince, you're a joke'

A small number of protesters raised their voices against the Saudi Prince's visit yesterday

Theresa May's meeting with the Saudi Prince was attended by a small protest

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Julia Hartley-Brewer has said anyone who wishes to protest against Donald Trump but doesn't take the same stand against the Saudi Crown Prince is "laughable."

The Saudi royal began a three-day visit to the UK by meeting Theresa May yesterday. His appearance at Downing Street attracted a number of protesters, but not the masses promised for Trump when he eventually visits the UK.

Julia said that, whilst Trump is "a fool, he's racist, he's sexist and everything else", he does not compare with the "despotic leader of a murderous, horrific, nasty regime like Saudi Arabia."

If you protest against the latter but not the former, Julia said, "then frankly you should laugh at yourself."

Watch the clip below.