Ousted Ukip leader Henry Bolton tells us why he's setting up new One Nation political party

Henry Bolton says his party may espouse socialist ideas like nationalisation

Henry Bolton was ousted as Ukip leader after a series of racist messages from his former girlfriend came to light

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

The former leader of Ukip is setting up his very own political party - and he told talkRADIO he may back the sort of socialist policies adopted by Jeremy Corbyn.

Henry Bolton was ousted as leader of the eurosceptic party after a series of racist messages from his then-girlfriend Jo Marney came to light.

Bolton told James Whale and Ash he is founding the One Nation party, looking at "Brexit and beyond" and "shaping the future" after Britain leaves the European Union.

Although Ukip has generally espoused right-wing policies, Bolton said his new venture "won't be constrained by any political ideology or doctrine" as the UK needs "a pragmatic, ideology-free approach to governing."

If traditionally socialist policies are appropriate and necessary, such as the nationalisation which is a staple of the Corbynite policy platform, Bolton suggested he wouldn't hesitate to adopt them - and indeed highlighted the nationalisation of railways in other countries as a great success.

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