Theresa May needs much bigger vision to solve housing riddle, says Labour spokesman

Theresa May is giving a headline speech on housing today

Theresa May is giving a headline speech on housing today

Monday, March 5, 2018

Theresa May needs a "much bigger vision and much bolder policy" to tackle the housing crisis, according to Labour.

Jeremy Corbyn's housing spokesman John Healey spoke to Julia Hartley-Brewer this morning as Theresa May prepares to give a headline speech on the issue, which will contain a number of hard-hitting policies including stripping councils of planning powers if not enough homes are built in their area.

Healey said the speech is just a "feeble rehash" of a speech May gave a year ago, and she needs to go much further.

The shadow housing minister added that, if Labour were in power, they would impose tougher rules on developers to get them build more affordable homes, create "use it or lose it" powers to force local authorities to use planning permission, and push councils to build more homes themselves.

Julia then asked Healey why Labour didn't foresee this crisis when they were in government, during which time we saw "an extra four million people arrive in this country but no extra homes built."

You can hear Healey's response to this question, and the rest of his conversation with Julia, by clicking above.

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